Exactly what Will Gain Instantaneously in Bets?

What does Win Outweigh mean in Horse Racing? It means to me that a horse that is leading the race and is in a field with other horses that are outclassed is still capable of winning the race. When I say “fields with other horses” I mean the stretch of the race track or the stretch of the track where the jockeys have their paddocks. The reason for saying this is when you add up all the leads, all the non-leading horses, all the non-winners and all the non-post position horses. You get a long list of horses that are really capable of winning.

The problem is one of those long lists of horses doesn’t have enough quality horses in it to make it the clear favorite. So you look at the next best horse in the field. This horse can either be a good bet or it can lose, and it may come in near the lead or within a few lengths of the leader, depending on how it runs the last few races. It is this second horse that we will try to choose as the winner.

The question that comes to mind is what does win outright in betting? Well, this horse has to beat all the others in the field and it has to do this by significantly improving its speed. It has to improve its speed through running and also through training and this improvement has to be something that is permanent. If a horse improves its speed and its running on the turn at three races and suddenly starts to improve its post position handicapping at the same time, you can forget about that horse. It will have run three full season races and there is no guarantee what it will do next week or the next month.

So what happens if this horse doesn’t run fast enough in its next race? It still might be able to win and it would probably be pretty good. However, it has already lost two races and we all know what happens when horses that lose a couple of races fall out of the racing program. They are rarely improved. That means that another poor performance, maybe even worse than the first, will convince more people that they should really get rid of this horse and that it should really retire. Then it becomes a very tough decision because it will be very hard to find another horse with enough speed to compete with the one that just loses its last race.

What does win outright mean in betting if a horse is able to improve its speed after each loss and it manages to win three races in a row. I don’t think that is very hard to achieve. This is especially true if we add the word “improves” to it.

If you make a spread bet with the intention of paying the highest odds and taking your chances of finding a horse with enough speed to win, you can bet on something that improves its speed after each loss and still come back on top. That makes a lot of sense. As an example, a good horse could bet poorly one day and then improve the following day. If you pick the best places, you will still be betting on a runner with worse speed but a better finish. This is a long shot, but if you have a long enough term investment it makes sense.

What does win outright in betting means if a horse is able to put itself in a position to improve its chances of winning by winning its next race and then winning its last two races. Again, this makes sense. There is nothing wrong with improving a horse who is losing, provided it comes off as a professional. We often talk about the fact that a runner needs to win in order to improve, but that is a little like saying that someone who is a poor runner cannot win. To call that person a loser would be inappropriate.

If you are curious about what does win outright in betting, you should explore that question a bit more. You might find yourself winning more than you thought you would. Indeed, that might happen if you have done your homework. Just don’t forget to leave your losses at home!

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